Office of 健康及谘询服务

Office of 健康及谘询服务

Office of 咨询服务 provides university students with individual and group assistance for adapting to stressful situations while attending DSU. The professional 工作人员 are trained to help with clinical issues such as depression, 焦虑, 悲伤, 愤怒, 创伤,酗酒和吸毒. 该中心还提供酒精饮料, 化学依赖性信息, 宣传册, 还有治疗推荐. Other services include assistance for: adjusting to the university environment; resolving relationship issues with a roommate, 教授, parents or significant other; choosing a vocation; selecting a major; and, 解决个人, 社会和教育困难.

Counseling services are also available to 教师 和工作人员. 这些服务包括 免费的 and confidential to students, 教师 和工作人员. To schedule a consultation with a counselor, please click on the link below:

请注意: This appointment is for the initial consultation only. Do not schedule multiple appointments. Follow-up and additional appointments will be made during the initial consultation meeting.

If you need a time that is not showing as available or if you have any difficulty using this link, 请电邮至 或致电(662)846-4690.

Campus Counseling (Non-emergency reporting)

This form is used to report “non-emergency” behavioral, emotional and/or mental health concerns regarding DSU students. If you have questions regarding campus counseling services, please contact us at 或致电(662)846-4690.

988 危机生命线提供全天候服务, free and confidential support for people in distress, as well as prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones.
In the event of an after-hours emergency, please contact 大学警察 电话:(662)846-4155或拨打911.

Your health is important to us at Delta State University! O.W. Reily Student 卫生服务 offers basic medical care and behavioral health consultation to the Delta State Community.


  • High quality, 免费的, accessible, integrated health services
  • A safe environment respecting students of race, color, 国家的起源, 祖先, 宗教, 性, 怀孕, 性取向, 性别认同, 性别表达, 年龄, 残疾, protected veteran status and any other status protected by applicable state or federal law
  • 保密的服务
    • HIPAA:隐私规则, 联邦法律, gives you rights over your health information and sets rules and limits on who can look at and receive your health information.
    • FERPA: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 is 联邦法律 designed to protect the privacy of educational records; to establish the rights of students to inspect and review their education records.

O.W. 赖利学生健康中心 offers a wide variety of general health and wellness services to ensure students are healthy. The nurse practitioner on 工作人员 is very knowledgeable and experienced.


The mission of Delta State University’s 可及性服务 is to provide reasonable accommodations to ensure that students with disabilities are afforded equal educational opportunities. ODS seeks to ensure that qualified students with disabilities are provided equal access while maintaining the integrity of the university. 通过提供方向, 提供资源, and coordinating appropriate accommodations based on federal laws, 规定, 以及个人需求, the department’s administration 和工作人员 encour年龄 and support self-advocacy among students being served. 坚持以学生为中心, the department strives to convey a vision for academic success and a goal of developing confident, 独立的, 终身学习者. Achieving reasonable accommodations for a student with a 残疾 involves shared responsibility between the students, 教师, 和工作人员.


步骤1. 被大学录取.

步骤2. Students should self-identify as a student with a qualified 残疾. 您可以通过完成 无障碍服务接收表格 发送电子邮件至, 或致电662-846-4690.

步骤3. 完成 无障碍服务接收表格 using the link provided, to obtain the accessibility services accommodation packet.

步骤4. Submit documentation that supports your diagnosis and current need for accommodations. The documentation should come from a professional who is qualified to render the diagnosis, 比如心理测量师, 心理学家, 和/或医生. 请注意: 这个列表只是一个例子 and is not limited to other qualified professionals. Documentation should be current-no more than 3-5 years old.

步骤5. Schedule a meeting with the ADA coordinator to discuss your request, etc. 安排预约联系人 or 或致电662-846-4690.

步骤6. 每个学期,你都会 申请批准的住宿 by submitting a copy of your new course schedule to the Office of 可及性服务.

第七步: 你会 与你的导师见面 to discuss your needs in each class.


**Please make sure you frequently check your DSU Email!
This is how we will communicate with you as we go through this process.

Office of 健康及谘询服务 provides outreach services to the students, 工作人员, and 教师 at Delta State University as well as the surrounding communities. 外展 efforts include but are not limited to the following:

  • 课堂演讲
  • 研讨会
  • 参加校园活动
  • 心理教育的编程

Our goal at the Office of 健康及谘询服务 is to support the health and wellness of the members of our Delta State community. By going beyond the walls of our offices and reaching out to the campus community, 我们希望提高人们的意识, 增加知识, 培养技能.


O.W. 赖利学生健康中心
P: (662) 846-4630