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With more than 40 undergraduate programs, 26个研究生项目, and 2 doctoral programs, Delta State academic programs offer a unique approach that tailors to each student’s interests and career goals. Our faculty members are passionate and committed to providing the best 教育 possible, and we offer students a range of resources, including 个人ized advising, tutoring and a supportive Student Success Center. Our academic programs at Delta State prepare students for success—both in and out of the classroom—to ensure they’re ready for whatever path they choose after graduation.


Undergraduate and 研究生课程


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Undergraduate: Opportunities to Achieve More

Professor pointing at students computer screen in 金融 class lab.

Delta State academics offer a diverse range of undergraduate programs that prepare our students for success in their future careers. With over 40 undergraduate programs to choose from, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find the one that’s right for you. We also offer an Honors Program for gifted students who want to take their 教育 to the next level. In our undergraduate catalog, you’ll find detailed information on academics at Delta State, 课程, 和需求, as well as academic policies and procedures.

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研究生: Advance Your Studies, Take Hold of Your Dreams

Doctoral student presenting research findings to another working professional at doctoral research student symposium.

在三角洲州, we understand that graduate 教育 is a crucial step towards achieving your career goals. That’s why we offer 17 master’s degree programs, 5 specialist degree programs, and 2 doctoral programs to help you advance your studies and take hold of your dreams. In our graduate catalog, you’ll find detailed information on academics at Delta State, admission requirements, 课程描述, 和更多的.

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继续教育: For Those Who Love to Learn

Three working professional men and women in a conference setting.

Delta State University’s 继续教育 program is designed for learners who want to continue their learning journey and achieve 个人 or professional goals. Our program offers a wide range of non-credit 课程 and workshops that are open to the public, including professional development 课程, 艺术课程, and 个人 enrichment classes. Our 课程 are taught by industry experts and are designed to help you acquire new skills, broaden your horizons, and achieve your 个人 and professional goals.

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在线课程 for Flexible Learning

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Our online programs include undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as certificate programs, and are designed to provide you with the same high-quality 教育 and resources as our on-campus programs. With our online programs, you’ll be able to learn on your own schedule from anywhere in the world, making it easier than ever to balance your academic, 个人, and professional commitments.

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Delta State’s academic offerings have given me an understanding of different areas within my major. I have been able to explore different career options as a direct result of the excellent academic offerings at DSU.


Delta State's academics have helped prepare me for the real world, giving me skills that I could not have learned anywhere else. I will be forever grateful to all the faculty and staff that helped me along the way.


Delta State's academics have helped me achieve a higher and well-refined learning experience. The resources I've obtained will help me in my new career journey.



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The 文理学院 科学 at Delta State is committed to providing students with a well-rounded liberal arts 教育 that fosters critical thinking, 创造力, and cultural awareness. With over 20 undergraduate and graduate programs to choose from, the College offers a diverse range of disciplines, including the humanities, 社会科学, 自然科学, 和数学.

College of Business and

Students completing assignment during class time in the Finance lab.

The College of Business and 航空 at Delta State is committed to preparing students for successful careers in business 和航空. With programs in accounting, 金融, 管理, computer information systems, 市场营销, 和航空, the College offers students a wide range of options to pursue their passions. The College also houses the only bachelor’s and master’s aviation degree program in the state, preparing students for a variety of opportunities in the fast-growing industry.

College of Education and

3 students participating in sport and human performance activity.

The College of Education and 人文科学 at Delta State is dedicated to preparing students for rewarding careers in 教育 and related fields. This College offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in areas such as 教育, 咨询, family and consumer sciences, 和健康, physical 教育 and recreation. Students receive hands-on experience through internships, practicums, and student teaching.

罗伯特E. Smith School of Nursing


罗伯特·E. Smith School of Nursing (RESSON) at Delta State is committed to providing students with a rigorous 教育 that prepares them for successful careers in 护理. RESSON’s numerous degree offerings regularly rank high for quality, affordability, and efficiency. In addition, the School has consistently boasted perfect or near-perfect test scores. All of Delta State’s 护理 programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

研究生 & 荣誉的研究

Students entering coliseum for commencement ceremony.

Delta State’s 研究生 & Continuing Studies program is designed for students who want to continue their 教育 and advance their careers. The program offers a variety of graduate and professional development 课程, as well as 21 fully online degree programs in areas such as business, 教育, 护理, 以及社会科学. The programs provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their chosen fields, and faculty members are experienced professionals with extensive industry knowledge.

Summer School at Delta State

Two students on campus, relaxing in hammocks during summer school.

Delta State’s Summer School program is designed for students who want to accelerate their 教育 and earn credits during the summer months. The program offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate 课程 and is ideal for students who want to catch-up or get ahead in their studies. Each course is taught by experienced faculty members who are committed to providing students with a challenging and rewarding learning experience.

学术顾问 to Chart Your Course

Academic advisors at Delta State are dedicated faculty who provide individualized attention and support to students as they navigate their academic journey. They help students develop a plan for their academic career, choose 课程 that align with their goals, and ensure that they stay on track to graduate on time.

学术地图 to Track Your Course

Delta State University’s academic maps are designed to help students stay on the right track to graduation. These maps provide a clear and concise guide to completing degree requirements in a timely manner, allowing students to focus on their studies and plan for the future. The maps are available for all undergraduate degree programs and are created in consultation with academic advisors, 部门的椅子, and faculty members to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Student Success Center to Support All Your Academic Needs

学术顾问 and the Student Success Center at Delta State provide different services to help students achieve their academic goals. While 学术顾问 offers 个人ized guidance on course selection and academic planning, the Student Success Center offers a broader range of resources, such as tutoring and workshops. By utilizing the resources of the Student Success Center, students can enhance their academic performance and stay on track toward graduation.

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